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What you can expect each step of the way

1. The Introductory Discovery Meeting

This is our first meeting together where we will provide you with a brief overview of our financial planning process. You will learn about our "Financial Junk Drawer" analogy as well as our "Money is not Math, Math is not Moneyconcept during this meeting. At the conclusion of the meeting you will have a new view your financial world and learn how our financial model can help ensure your financial success.

2. The Data Gathering Meeting      

This is our second meeting together where we work with you to obtain the necessary information we need so we can proceed creating your own financial model. The more data you choose to provide to us, the more precise and relevant our work is likely to be. Once we have gathered all of your data we will be able to create your own financial model where you will be able to see your entire financial picture all on one page. You will find everthing is organized and easy to monitor. 

3. Visualizing Your Model

Once we have created your own financial model, or what we call your "financial game board," you will see and understand how your income, your assets, your liabilities and your insurance policies may be optimally positioned, coordinated and integrated. We walk you through each section of your model to provide you with a clear understanding of your entire financial life.  

4. Implementing Your Plan

After reviewing your own financial model and having identified opportunities or problems, you will be able to decide which actions you want to make in seeking to improve your financial position. You will have an ideal model to reference and compare to your financial model. We will help you to test, measure and verify any financial decision before you make the decision.

5. Achieving Financial Success

By simultaneously increasing the efficient and effective use of your money, implementing any desired action items and participating in periodic reviews and updates, we seek to help you create greater financial opportunity.  Getting together to review your financial model often, is imperative to achieving financial success. We will provide you with the guidance and service to help you achieve your financial goals and objectives. We succeed together!

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